Volunteer / Job Descriptions

Thank you for expressing interest in volunteering with Drako Academy!

There are a variety of positions that need to be outsourced prior to our official launch in 2018. Here are some examples of various positions needed to be filled! If you have a particular skill-set (even though it may not be listed here), please fill out the form HERE and one of our staff members will review your application and get back to you shortly. Thank you again!

    • Accounting: The success of our organization depends on efficient financial management systems. With your help, we would like to migrate our data to QuickBooks. Your skills will empower us to create a more efficient bookkeeping system.
    • Branding: We have a number of projects related to our mission, but not clear or consistent branding for the organization. Likely we will need help with developing a new logo and set of taglines as well.
    • Business Development: Our organization provides education for the magickal community. We are in the process of pursuing our long-term goal of establishing a dynamic education system that will help to educate students and the public about these practices and principles. This project will enable us to pursue donors and partners to help make this dream a reality.
    • Coaching: At Drako Academy, we would like to create a large quantity of training materials to prevent training gaps, material duplication, lack of training uniformity across the Drako Academy. We are in great need of an expert that can help us to develop a training strategy to implement across the entire Drako Academy.
    • Communication: Storytelling is an integral part of Drako Academy. With a high-quality press kit and a recommended strategy for connecting with media, we will be able to raise awareness of our impact, gain donor and foundation support, and increase audience size for our open source educational system.
    • Data Analysis: Drako Academy wishes to utilize a client database to track demographic information and attendance records. We must evaluate our data collection plan (including reviewing our database and updating existing form fields/reports) and assess the strength of our data in demonstrating the impact of Drako Academy’s programs. We would like to improve usability and develop clear instructions for staff. This project is important because strong metrics are critical to Drako Academy’s functioning.
    • Database Administrator: Our nonprofit wishes to use a database designed to allow direct-service staff to focus more on service, our development manager to do more individualized giving projects, our communications team to produce more content and all of us to coordinate better, rather than tracking organizational details and reporting on metrics.
    • Digital Marketing: By enhancing our department's Search Engine Marketing strategies, the consultant will help us in increasing beneficiary use of our programs and volunteer support of our community development efforts.
    • Finance: Your skills will help us to maintain our high level of responsibility, pay rates and performance through metrics. With your help, we can make sure that we can share this information with the responsible parties and operate more effectively.
    • Fundraising: To enable us to capture the hearts of donors with storytelling, whilst reassuring them we are a professional, transparent organization, committed to value for money and quality of education.
    • Graphic Design: We'd like to create infographics that communicates the importance of creating a network of "rich learning environments" to help individuals see the real-world relevance of magick. We'll be bringing this info to the community to garner support (financial, promotional, networking, etc.) for our work.
    • Human Resources: With hiring new staff people, we would like to work with someone who can help us think through our new organizational chart and reporting structure, to ensure that this exciting expansion process goes as smoothly as possible.
    • Information Technology: In order to improve our education systems performance, we want to build out our data systems effectively. Currently, we are looking for someone to help us define our technical requirements. Through establishing clearer technical needs and goals, we can identify the right developer and ensure that we are getting what we need.
    • Legal: We need affordable (or free) third party mediation with our foundation about recommendations for protecting the organization's intellectual property.
    • Management: We would like to implement a strategic plan, designing our business model, and maximize our personnel resources to support our development. We seek to maximize staff time by clarifying roles, reporting structures, and redistributing tasks. This will free up executive staff to focus on much needed long-term projects: accreditation, curriculum refinement, increased fundraising and more.
    • Marketing: Drako Academy is a nonprofit with a need for marketing tools that enable us to create enough revenue in order to operate to support our clients continued growth, in which we will need more revenue and more volunteers in order to continue to achieve our mission yearly. This project would help us increase donors and volunteers so that we may help develop this community’s educational system.
    • Photography & Video: The success of our organization depends on the ability to share how we improve the lives of those we serve. Without your help, we cannot create the images and videos that tell our stories. Your skills will empower us to create meaningful and powerful images that convey what we do and how we do it.
    • Public Relations: We are creating an innovative online educational platform and wish to increase the visibility of our project. A thoughtful PR campaign would broaden the reach of our project.
    • Research: Increasingly funders are requiring nonprofits to be able to: (1) demonstrate a true need, (2) justify their approach, and (3) show alignment with local, national, and industry trends. On the ground, staff members are often so engrossed in day-to-day operations and programming that there is little time to purview outside sources that can help inform and validate our work. The creation of a Research Guide specific to our organization's interests and needs will provide access to information that will help us more effectively communicate the importance of our efforts.
    • Social Media: We would love help with our Facebook page. We need a lot of fans but we're currently not using the page actively to raise awareness or money. We would love to find other creative ways to raise money online and to reach as many people as possible with our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Can you help us create a comprehensive Social Media Plan and Calendar? We need help with strategy. Templates and frameworks welcome!
    • Strategy Consulting: The success of our organization depends on the ability to create a road map. Without your help, we cannot do this critically important work. Your skills will empower us to create this much-needed plan.
    • Web Design: We not only starting up a new company, but a new experience for education. Drako Academy is a nonprofit that inspires individuals to listen, look up and share in the excitement about the world of magick. We are so excited to work with someone who's web design skills will help us make our mark and position Drako Academy to be as strong as possible as we enter the market and people’s lives.
    • Web Development: This will help us grow by allowing us to fine tune and update our website to make it nimbler and user friendly thus impacting our reach to new clients, funders and donors. This will allow us to effectively communicate our impact, our work and our story in order to build donor and funder opportunities. This will allow us to support our work with more clients and in more communities. In addition, an effective website can reinforce the importance of our work to the community at-large.
    • Writing: Storytelling is a key part of enhancing and growing Drako Academy. As a relatively new organization, this project will help us to build awareness and communicate the large need for our program to donors, volunteers, and community members.