About Us

Drako Academy will be a website platform unifying the world’s magickal communities. The primary function of the site is intended for educational networking for a magickal environment tailored to the individual’s interests and cultural beliefs. We are completely open source and donation based for the students to learn from and for instructors to present their knowledge to the world! The main format of Drako Academy will be similar to other educational sites, but as it evolves, it will have other aspects integrated into the design: social networking, wiki, messaging, newsletters, events, online groups, services directory, links to storefronts, collaborative referencing for outsourced resources, etc.

We are currently looking for three categories of volunteers. First – practitioners who have, or willing to develop, courses based on teachings they have mastered. Second – volunteers that hold a passion for magick and are willing to donate time to make this community a reality. Third – members with specific qualifications to contribute; accountants, programmers, database developers, network security, web designers, etc. We are building a community, and it takes an array of people of all skill-sets to make this happen! Foremost, we request that all members involved within Drako Academy maintains a level of professionalism.

Currently the web designing, coding, and the structure of Drako Academy is in the development stage. The fully interactive, magickal education system is anticipated to go live EARLY 2018! Once live, constant maintenance, business management, and continuous monitoring of content will be required.

Drako Academy will become a fully evolving compendium of magickal and occult knowledge for people to learn from, and teach on, anywhere around the world! Education will be the basis of bringing awareness to the general public in the hopes of creating an increased acceptance and understanding of age old practices, dispelling common misconceptions. With a project of this magnitude – the opportunities are endless!