Merry Meet!

  • Have you spent time and energy mastering an aspect of magickal, metaphysical or spiritual knowledge? Do you now feel the drive to share what you have harnessed and learned with others in the magickal community? Drako Academy is accepting instructor applicantions worldwide and would love to hear what you have to offer!

    Please submit a short introduction about yourself. Be sure to include: the areas of magickal, metaphysical, and occult knowledge that you would love to teach, your content, the source(s) of your information and/or any credentials, why you want to be a part of Drako Academy, and a short background of yourself!

    Do you already have YouTube videos or Podcast courses available? Please submit links to samples of your video/podcast content.

  • Thank you for your interest for assisting Drako Academy and the community!

    All applicants must be over the age of 18. Drako Academy offers a fair and equal opportunity work environment. As such, Drako Academy does not discriminate against gender, race, sexual orientation, or age. A list of requirements for applicants includes a collection of personal information, a reference check, interview, trial period, and must meet certain instructor requirements. Drako Academy attempts to limit and protect any disclosure of information about you to a necessary minimum to perform our jobs. Drako Academy further expects all of our departments, employees, volunteers and business partners to respect your privacy and comply by the same laws. All qualified and accepted applicants are required to sign an Instructor Release and Waiver Liability Form agreeing to the Drako Academy's terms & agreements.