Merry Meet!

  • Initially we will be having three tiers of advertising costs.

    I. A free "Services Directory" section which is on this landing pages menu bar. Everyone will be welcomed to freely advertise their storefronts with a title (up to 50 characters), a link, and a two-line (up to 50 characters per line) description. This services directory section will also transfer over to the final menu bar on the finished educational system and will continue to remain free for all to collaborate with various magickal resources. Please limit your storefronts submission to no more than three categories.

    II. A barter system is offered in exchange for ad space on Drako Academy! This limited time offer is available while the final educational system is being developed. Those with magickal e-commerce and/or services websites may also choose to post a reciprocating ad space on your current website, or help Drako Academy in various other forms of marketing. Drako Academy believes in fair trade and will attempt to match the equivalent amount of advertisement on our website once the full educational system is in place. (Limited to our final standardized format.)

    III. Sponsored ad space within Drako Academy is available to be seen by our entire magickal community. Your ads will rotate equally between all advertisers throughout the site, so you can keep your ad fresh! The initial prices will be between $50 - $150/month. These prices are only temporary until the full educational system is live, in which time the prices are subject to rise for all new contracts. There will be a 20% discount perk for renewing before your campaign ends!

    All proceeds go towards the operation and improvement of Drako Academy.

  • Title: no more than 50 chars. (spaces count)
    URL: hyperlink.
    Text: 2 lines, 50 chars/line. (spaces count)
  • Size: 1152×648px
    Format: gif, jpg, or png
    Animation: none-permitted
    URL: hyperlink.
    Text: 2 lines, 25 chars/line. (spaces count)
  • Any organization may contact Drako Academy at any time to have its information and content removed from the website. Upon request, 3rd party content will be removed within 3 business days of notification, unless the campaign has been published. Thereby the 3rd party information and content will be removed immediately thereafter. Drako Academy reserves the right at any time to remove information from the website without communication with the author or organization.

    Drako Academy’s Staff and Volunteers are not responsible for any of the items and/or offers sold from any seller. Drako Academy is simply a platform for exposure for eCommerce and/or services of 3rd party websites.

    All ads must be clean, appropriate and respectful. No pornography or acts of violence will be tolerated. No selling of live animals or anything illegal. Rules are subject to change at any time. All Merchants must comply to the Terms of Agreement and sign a contract agreeing to these rules and regulations.

    Views and opinions expressed in any resources and/or references included on the website do not necessarily state or reflect those of Drako Academy. Drako Academy does not specifically endorse or support any organizations that are listed. Drako Academy attempts to limit and protect any disclosure of your information to a necessary minimum. Drako Academy further expects all of our departments, employees, volunteers and business partners to also respect your privacy and comply by the same policies.

    All applicants must be over the age of 18.