Merry Meet!

  • Drako Academy will be offering select employment opportunities for community members with particular skill-sets. We are now looking for community members that hold specific corporate skill and qualifications. These positions include but are not limited to: accountants, programmers, data base administrators, network security specialists, legal, web designers, etc.

    Summit your resume today for one of our staff members to review. Be sure to include the area of your expertise, the source(s) of your information / any credentials, along with a short biography of yourself!

    Click HERE to view descriptions of some employment opportunities that are available!

  • Thank you for your interest for assisting Drako Academy and the community!

    All applicants must be over the age of 18. Drako Academy offers a fair and equal opportunity work environment. As such, Drako Academy does not discriminate against gender, race, sexual orientation, or age. A list of requirements for staff members includes a collection of personal information, a reference check, interview, required training, and a volunteer/trial period. Drako Academy attempts to limit and protect any disclosure of information about you to a necessary minimum to perform our jobs. Drako Academy further expects all of our departments, employees, volunteers and business partners to respect your privacy and comply by the same laws. All qualified and accepted applicants are required to sign and fill a Staff Member Release and Waiver Liability Form agreeing to the Drako Academy's terms & agreements.