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    Feel free to stimulate a conversation based on your magickal interests and enjoy meeting others of like-mind!

    Jana Nekare

    Hello, I am Jana Nekare. My username means Wolven Necromancer. I have dug into the dark side of the arts. Hopefully admin don’t have a problem with curses and hexes because I do them. And I will teach others how to do them if I feel that a person truly has a valid reason to curse someone. It’s not just because someone called you a name. All magick has consequences and if you’re not ready to pay the piper, don’t ask him to play you a song. Sometimes the payment is only blood. Sometimes it’s a life.


    Hi, I’m Micha! I am a white witch, also a hereditary witch. I consider myself fairly eclectic in practice although I do still stick to a lot of old Norse traditions. I love meeting like minded people and take my spirituality and my craft very seriously. I’m a seasoned yet, solitary witch. I prefer to not be in a coven as I am an empath and I can tend to suck out the energy sometimes. ( still working on that !) I use most of my gifts to heal and read tarot. I also read people. An older ancient practice not really used anymore but, it’s my gift and I am appreciative! Thanks for reading! You can catch me on IG @ theredbrickwitch for readings and daily blog of spells for white witchery! Blessed be!


    I am AuroraBix 00 D
    Chat on countries or globally is a good idea
    I can, Zozo or I do not know who’s respond me (I have activity)
    before I know that and I managed to call someone in my dream but did not look like a demon, it’s cool and my friend
    Zozo it s cool
    I can make tarot, and the dreams that will happen just sometimes
    I can have activity in dreams
    I want try more and Astral Travel i believe in holistic things
    I do not really like to meditate, but I think I’m already doing this


    Hello Micha, It took me a long time to realize how to not suck out the energy from others, and for me it came along with regular meditation. Some people are more interested in the meditation aspect of spirituality than other, but what I have learned that it can amplify any intention through learning how to focus and channel your own energy first, resulting in a more intentional practice all around. 🙂


    Hello AuroraBix, I have not had a chance to add an Astral Projection course in Drako Academy yet, but if things go well, that will actually be the first course that I will personally be hosting. Check back in time to see when I have gotten to that area of courses to see it when I finally post it. 🙂

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